In Georgia, Education is a right of students, guaranteed by the constitution. Education is important for a student to develop his personality, gain necessary skills and to prepare to engage in civil life in a successful manner. Therefore the state is obliged to provide accessibility to education in the country. Covid-pandemic created new obstacles in the educational system. To attend the online lectures is often very problematic for students from poor families, who don’t have necessary equipment. This problem decreases the rate of accessibility to education in Georgia and increases the gap between different social classes.  “Republican party of Georgia ” and “Free Democrats” consider that existing experience should be used to find ways for the solution of this problem.  This experience indicates that the only way to succeed in this is for the government to buy necessary equipment for poor students. In addition to this, it’s possible to create a mechanism of mentorship, which will assist students to gain the skill of interaction with computers as fast as possible.  The parties understand that this initiative is linked with high expenses, but accessibility to education and support of the groups, who need it, is vital, therefore parties think that providing necessary equipment is without any alternatives, in spite of high expenses.



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