Meet the board of directors for the Europe-Georgia Institute

George Melashvili


President and Founder of the Institute
George is the founder of the Europe-Georgia Institute (EGI) – an independent, non-partisan think tank in Georgia – and the head of the Youth Initiative – a youth civil movement under the patronage of the President of Georgia. During the 2016 election campaign, the EGI led the unprecedented campaign “Your Voice, Our Future”, uniting Georgian youth to realize the importance of their vote. He also was a lecturer at the School of Diplomacy of the Free University and is the winner of the MLOW contest held by the United Nations Academic Impact and ELS Inc.
გიორგი მელაშვილი

George Melashvili

Shalva Chkheidze


Executive Director and Founder of the Institute
Shalva Chkheidze is the executive director of Europe-Georgia institute and works to provide non-formal education and civic activism in Georgian young generation. Shalva is also founder of Europe-Georgia institute and member of the board. His main role in the board is to create creative education curriculums for summer schools and camps.
შაკო ჩხეიძე

Shako Chkheidze

Nino Kvirikashvili


Head of the Projects’ Department
Nini Kvirikashvili is projects manager in Europe-Georgia institute since 2016 and works productively on youth projects and developing youth involvement in civil activities. Works on creating youth hubs in all over the region of Georgia, plans and executes team-building activities for youth participants. Nini co-creates the concepts and visions of new projects and plans, which includes monitoring and execution as well.
 ნინი კვირიკაშვილი

Nini Kvirikashvili

Otar Nadiradze


Head of the Development Department
Oto Nadiradze is projects manager at Europe-Georgia institute. Bachelor of law, coach and member of peer educators network from 2011, worked for National Center for educational quality enhancement. Joined Europe-Georgia institute from 2016 Currently is the manager of youth network “Initiative”
ოთო ნადირაძე

Oto Nadiradze

Honorable Members

Revaz Topuria


Founder, ex-Executive Director
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რევაზ თოფურია

Rezi Topuria

David Dadunadze


Head of the Activism Department
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დათა დადუნაძე

Data Dadunadze