In Sagarejo, within the campaign “ Constitution Day 2017” youth from Sagarejo carried out a project in order to popularize the Constitution. On 9th of August in Sagarejo a project named “ We create the Constitution” was carried out. Several activities were included in this project.

  1. For 1 week on a Kakheti highway, 6 banners were placed. They had different paragraphs from Georgian constitution written on them.
  2. Public lecture about the importance of the Constitution. Mentors were lawyers Shalva and Kakha Khvtisavrishvili.
  3. The group organized different activities and performances in the center of town Sagarejo. The activity of reading out loud, that included reading out loud in the streets pre-chosen paragraphs from the Constitution. As well as costumed pacing, during which participants put on costumes of people of different profession. They had “ I create the constitution “ written or their backs. The final act of the activity was a flash mob on the mains square of the town.
  4. In the end of all the abovementioned activities, there were various sport games, related to the Constitution: Basketball and so called “ Class Game”. During the basketball game, the participants had to get acquainted with the different theses from the constitution and they had to decide whether the thesis was right or responsibility and throw the ball accordingly..

The main purpose of the project was to get as many people interested in the Constitution as possible and to increase the awareness.

Many organizations and regular citizens volunteered to take part in the project.

Citizens provided them with all the materials for the banners, painter volunteered to help the group and put the paragraphs on the banners. The local government of Sagarejo municipality was also involved as well as a branch of Red Cross Association located in Sagarejo, House of Young Students, Branch of USAID responsible for democratic involvement located in Sagarejo.

The banners were placed on the Kakheti highway close to the following villages
: Ninotsminda, Tokhliauri and Chailuri. The rest of the activities were carried out in the central streets of town Sagarejo. The public lecture took place in Literature Square In Sagarejo.

The feedback and response from the population were very positive with the right attitude. The whole district was talking about the banners placed by the group.



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