In Tsnori, within the campaign “ Constitution Day 2017” youth from Tsnori carried out a project related to the Constitution. The project was divided into four parts, including street interviews, showing the movie, lecture, and street-art.

The street interview took place in Tsnori, where group members asked the local people what the Constitution meant for them, what was their attitude about different paragraphs from the Constitution. The interview was recorded and a video was made afterward. It was also uploaded on a social network.

The second activity was carried out in Social Cafe of Tsnori. Participants watched the movie „12 Angry Men“, after which there was a discussion about the importance of jury man and supremacy of the law.

The third activity, lecture, also took place in Social Cafe. The mentor was the member of the parliament Mariam Jashi. She had a very comprehensive lecture about the importance of the right of education.

During the last activity Square of Tsnori was painted with five different paintings. The subject of all of them was the Constitution.


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