The Economic Forum in Tbilisi

Under the auspices of President of Georgia

Georgia has become not only an important regional hub, a leader of changes within the Eastern Partnership, but also an important spot on the geopolitical world map, the frontier between Europe and Asia and the gateway to the Arab. Georgia, having adopted Christianity as the second country in the world, has become one of the pillars of European culture and identity.

The Economic Forum in Tbilisi showcases the active role that youth play in implementing today’s development agenda, which will shape our future. Multiple sessions, stands, and other activities will be held to empower youth participation in decision-making process.

The Economic Forum in Tbilisi includes different activities, such as youth-led debates, stands that showcase inspiring youth projects on the field, or activities that address issues that affect young people around the world.

The active participation of young people in decisions and actions at local and regional level is essential if we are to build more democratic, inclusive and prosperous societies. Participation in the democratic life of any community is about more than voting or standing for election, although these are important elements. Participation and active citizenship are about having the right, the means, space and the opportunity and where necessary the support to participate in and influence decisions and engage in actions and activities so as to contribute to building a better society.

The ‘Youth Component of the Forum’ is a unique opportunity for younger talent who have both a passion for international development and the leadership potential to participate in the forum and develop their own skills. The participants shall exchange experience, discuss matters of direct concern to young people, share best practices and work together for a better future.

After the forum, the selected participants of the ‘Youth Component’ shall also participate in the special conference dedicated to the Centennial Anniversary of Georgian Independence implemented by the Europe-Georgia Institute.

The participants from the EU Member States and the Eastern Partner countries shall be selected based on Motivation lette and the CV by the “Europe-Georgia Institute”.

The costs for board & lodging, as well as any transportation in Georgia during the Forum, will be covered by the Georgian side. The participants are expected to arrive in Georgia on the 25th of May.

The participants shall stay in the Georgian capital on the 25th and 26th of May, and shall stay at the Bazaleti Complex on the 27th and 28th. The detailed program of the Forum and the Youth Component shall be sent to the selected participants.


  • Young aspiring professionals in international relations, economics, security or related field under 30 years old.
  • Students of the final years of university and early-career professionals.
  • Working knowledge of English
  • Applicants from the EU Member States and the Eastern Partner countries
  • Experience in international relations and security

To apply, please send your CV and Motivation letter to

Deadline: 16. May .2018 | 23:59:59 CET

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