In Tbilisi, within the campaign “ Constitution Day 2017” youth from Tbilsi carried out a project in order to popularize the Constitution.

The first stage included interviews in the streets and discussions in order to find out how much people were informed about the recent changes in the constitution. The group members were talking with the interviewees about the current changes about specific paragraphs, how were they in the older constitution and how they appear today. People who took part in the interviews were awarded the magazines from the sponsors of the group – Forbes Georgia and National Geographic.

As the second state of the project, group printed out the stickers with the title “ Old Constitution VS New Constitution”. Those stickers were posted all around the Georgia were allowed. Outside of Tbilisi, interviews were carried out and stickers were posted in other towns and villages as well ( in regions of Gurjaani, Ambrolauri, Oni )



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