Meet the board of directors for the Europe-Georgia Institute

George Melashvili

George Melashvili


President and Founder of the Institute
George Melashvili, a Georgian public figure and scholar specializing in political science and East Asian studies, is the founder and President of the Europe-Georgia Institute, a hybrid non-governmental organization based in Georgia. Since its inception in September 2016, the Europe-Georgia Institute has evolved into one of Georgia’s leading civil society organizations and has become a member of the European Liberal Forum. Melashvili is also the founder the annual Black Sea Security conference, which focuses on international security policy related to the Black Sea region. He serves as an invited lecturer on international relations theory at the Free University of Tbilisi and East Asian studies at the University of Georgia and is the author of “Korea: Success story – lessons for Georgia”, the first book about Korea in Georgian. Melashvili is also a fellow in the German Marshall Fund’s Policy Designers Network and in April 2021, he was named one of 10 SI Changemakers by the Swedish Institute among over 15,000 alumni. He is also a member of the International Studies Association (ISA), an elected Ambassador of the European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN), and an elected member of the board of International Republican Institute’s Generation Democracy (GenDem) Network.
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Shalva Chkheidze


Executive Director and Founder of the Institute
Shalva Chkheidze is the executive director of Europe-Georgia Institute. His main interest area is to increase participation and access of Georgia’s younger generation to non-formal education and civic activism. Shalva is actively engaged in different educational projects across the Caucasus. He is author of numerous educational methodologies and directs the work of the Institute  towards innovation, introduction, and improvement of projects and processes.

Head of the Volunteer Communication Department
Tamar Targamadze is part of the EGI team since 2018, head of Volunteer Communication Department. In 2016 she was very actively engaged in the unprecedented campaign “Your voice – Our future”. Since 2017 she studies at Ilia State University, Faculty of Arts and Science. Since 2104 she has participated in different projects organized by EGI, including Local Young Leaders’ Regional project “Initiative”. Her specific interests include the interconnection between peace and art. She strongly believes that art can change the world for the better.“Initiative”


Honorable Members

Revaz Topuria


Founder, ex-Executive Director
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რევაზ თოფურია

Rezi Topuria

David Dadunadze


Head of the Activism Department
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დათა დადუნაძე

Data Dadunadze

Irakli Korkia


Coordinator of Academic Relations
Irakli Korkia was actively involved in the activities of the Europe-Georgia Institute in 2017 – 2018. Irakli started his studies at the Free University in 2013 at the Faculty of International Relations. In 2016 he was awarded with the governmental scholarship of China and carried on his studies at the Technological University of Xiamen. In 2017-2018 Irakli was a Coordinator of Academic Relations at the Europe-Georgia Institute. In 2019 he became Erasmus Mundus Joint Program scholarship owner and he will study on the Faculty of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Eurasia.

Nino Kvirikashvili


Head of the Projects’ Department
Nini Kvirikashvili is projects manager in Europe-Georgia institute since 2016 and works productively on youth projects and developing youth involvement in civil activities. Works on creating youth hubs in all over the region of Georgia, plans and executes team-building activities for youth participants. Nini co-creates the concepts and visions of new projects and plans, which includes monitoring and execution as well.

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