In 2018-2019 EGI organized two streams of “Civic Action School”, which was the opportunity of informal education for the students from Georgian universities. The aim of the project was to raise awareness among those students in the field of civic engagement. In the end of the project they wrote essays about different challenges of the country. The blog, that would integrate all works and assignments done by students’ essays and vlogs, was created as well. Students also had an opportunity to meet 6 experts on desirable topics in accordance with their modules and discussed ongoing challenges in the country. As a result EGI cooperated directly with 2 universities, 100 students from nearly all major universities of Tbilisi participated in the project and worked on up to 20 essays. Three of those works were used during parliamentary and public discussions. Majority of the participants later became the members of CSOs and political parties.

EaP and V4 Society against Disinformation
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In 2018-2019 EGI hosted the project in Georgia in cooperation with V4 and Eastern Partnership representatives about the topic of countering disinformation deriving from Russia. The conference was attended by 200 participants, 8 different experts from different countries and numerous organizations. The online platform about disinformation and blogs was created as a result of the activity. Afterwards more than 40 articles have been published on this platform.

EGI & EGI / GIZ Scholarship Program
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Since 2018 Europe-Georgia Institute in a partnership with Gesellschaft für Internazionalle Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) implements the project, which aims to provide internship opportunity to the students interested in public administration and local self-governance in local municipality city halls of different cities and towns. During the program the interns help corresponding self-governences in creating the better means of communication with the population. 40 students in 12 different municipalities have participated in the program up to this moment and made 40 researches about the challenges which are present in the local municipalities. The papers mostly cover the topics related to citizen participation, accessibility of information and budgetary topics.

Krynica Economic Forum – Youth Conference
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On the 26th of May, 2018, on the 100th anniversary of Independence of First Georgian Republic Krynica Economic Forum took place in Tbilisi. More than 300 persons participated in the forum. It was attended by official representatives of 6 countries of Eastern Europe, representatives of up to 100 business companies from Europe and the same number of business representatives from Georgia. One of the parts of the forum was the Youth Conference with three panels, which was organized by Europe-Georgia Institute. Apart from Georgian representatives, the conference was attended by the Youth from Armenia and Azerbaijan as well.

In 2018 Europe-Georgia Institute created the comprehensive “Political Compass” on a web platform, which makes the users based on their test results (in which they express their views on particular issues) more familiar with the political ideology they are closer to. At the beginning it was used by up to 15 000 persons. In 2020 Friedrich Naumann Foundation supported this project and a few months before the parliamentary elections the compass was updated in the way it was adjusted even more to Georgian reality. The updated version was already used by more than 20 000 persons.

Educational Visits in Georgia
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Since 2018 EGI launched the Educational visits program in Georgia in cooperation with the public institutions and political party representatives of post-soviet countries. The aim of the program is to introduce to our foreign friends the achievements of Georgia in different fields, such as Taxation system, fighting with corruption, public transportation system etc. The project aims to facilitate the dialogue between institutions working in the same field from Georgia and other countries. During 2 years 3 visits were organized, in the framework of which up to 30 representatives from Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus were hosted in Georgia. The meetings were arranged both with public institutions and generally with the representatives of the society.