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Landmine free South Caucasus

International Mine Awareness day on the 4th of April is going to be marked in the South Caucasus with a region-wide awareness campaign under the slogan “Landmine free South Caucasus” for the first time. The campaign which will run from 4-10 April will see events held in a number of cities and districts of the region, and will feature information material in Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Russian and English.


Your Voice, Our Future Campaign logo

Your Voice, Our Future (YVOF) Campaign

More about YVOF campaign...
In August-September 2016 Europe-Georgia Institute under the patronage of President of Georgia implemented a project of an unprecedented scale – youth campaign “Your voice – Our future“. The aim of the campaign was to increase youth involvement by promoting elections and increasing participation of Youth in the election process. The campaign mobilized 500 volunteers from Georgia’s all regions and was held in Georgia’s all 11 regions and the capital city – we managed to increase the youth turnout by more than 20%.

The logo of #ConstitutionBelongsToAll – Constitution Day 2017 Campaign

#ConstitutionBelongsToAll – Constitution Day 2017 Campaign

More about Constitution Day 2017 campaign...
The Constitution of Georgia was approved by the Parliament of Georgia on 24 August 1995. Since then the 24-th of August is celebrated as the Day of Constitution – to highlight this important date, the Europe-Georgia Institute initiated various projects. As a result more more than 40 activities were held to promote constitutional values and raise awareness on constitution in 28 different regions of Georgia.

The logo of #Initiative Projectn

The #Initiative Project aimed to create a network of active students to promote active civic life. During the project more than 500 activities were financed in more than 20 regions of Georgia, 5 summer and winter schools were organized to empower the active youth groups all over Georgia. As a result of the project a nationwide youth network of active citizens was created, these groups are united under #Initiative network and are coordinating and collaborating on local and national issues